For Anju Modi, designing clothes is a way of life rather than an end in itself. She along with her team has passed through a journey of phenomenal growth in the last 20 years.

Through her past work in remote villages of India to her future project of opening an R&D centre for further development of crafts, she has passed on the message of love, goodwill and a need to contribute to society.

Perfectionist and a visionary by nature, Anju Modi has created a style for the woman of today – She is synonymous with simple, subtle designs that connect with the traditional Indian handicrafts of yesteryears.

Her contribution to Indian textile and handiwork is immense. From the revival of weaves in her ensemble to the reinterpretation of Bagru and Sanga-neri prints in her fusion range, her work has shaped the modern days woman’s wardrobe.

Anju’s sensibility of creating a modern look from the old and traditional style forms is the essence of what her label Anju Modi stands for today.

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