Geisha designs as a firm has its strength in being fresh, young and trendy in look. International forecasts majorly influence our design concepts. The firm caters for occasion and day wear for a city bred girl who has sophisticated taste. We specialize in clean basic cuts with surface embellishments and concentrate on finishes. Western pattern making principles are used to recreate traditional silhouettes with emphasis on hand detailing and seam finishes to make the garment beautiful inside out. Embroidery forms a very essential part of our designs we stress on creative and un-conventional use of traditional materials like beads, sequins, and thread. They take a very 3 dimensional form and are textural, vibrant and bold in nature.

Price points are a very essential factor in our design. We ensure quality and decrease production costs by optimal fabric utilization to make the garments affordable and very worthy of the price points. Our philosophy has always been to give value to our customers.

Design Philosophy:
"There is something superficial and volatile about the seasonal and elusive whims of fashion which offends our sense of beauty" .And therefore we persevere to sustain a feeling of enchantment in this world of fashion that never tires, never changes, never dies.

Our ultimate aim is to amaze ourselves. The anticipation of discovering new possibilities becomes our greatest joy.

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