A word I breath, "I want to be", to rise above estrained notes, and playa tune of another fashion.

These words of Sunita & Lalit can be perhaps the best possible way to describe the work of the designer duo and for them as well.

To be brief in the illustration, it can be well said that Sunita & Lalit are born designers. Their sense of style and courteousness was one of the parts of their "growing up" to a designer, and is the essence of their creation.

Living up to the sceptisism and apprehension of the kolkatan fashionistas, they won... the battle of the existence, and won over several critics with their unique experimentation with the age - old tradition and marked "Hunar" - the designer studio, and the first ever store for ethnic men's wear, delivering a message that they are there to rule.

The curtain raiser to their success was their first act in Mumbai's reputed studio GLI1TERRATI. Nationally acclaimed shows, immense media coverage and a positive feedback led Sunita & Lalit being featured in the Annual Femina Book of Fashion exclusively for the mail trousseau.

Their collections are hallmarked with subtle, somber tones of cream, peach, brown, mauves and greens... all creating a very mellow effect. The clothes are known' for their intricate embroidery and the symbiosis of concepts and silhouettes on fabric. The skillful combination of classic silhouettes gives their clothes a contemporary mould,

Sunita & Lalit's signature lies in the indianness in truly universal design using a wide variety of natural or ultra modern fabrics embellished with touch of embroidery and surface ornamentation. Ancient art tradition and culture are their forte, coupled with an approach, which is modern and chic. Their creativity of course involves a lot of effort... scrutinizing every weaves to its intricacy, texture drapability and ease of maintenance that is often tiresome and more often painstaking. Then, 'constant supervision at every evolving stage of experimentation and production gives a seal to quality to Sunita & Lalit's creation.

They have gathered many aces up their sleeves, some are about quietly spreading their thoughts in textiles to HUNAR in kolkatan, ENSEMBLE in Mumbai and New Delhi, FFOLIO in Bangalore and internationally to Italy and Middle East... and some are of as magnificent as creating globally acknowledge clothes when the Japanese designer KENZO visited India and asked Lalit to design his personal ethnic wardrobe.

The best-connected men's fashion designer in Kolkata all out to reinvent men's fashion, which is still in its infancy. They are determined to blend all rules and bring men's fashion out of its restricted closet, blending traditional with the contemporary. They follow their instincts; play around men's strengths and weaknesses and put together a fashion line where theme, fabrics, color and silhouettes are perfectly balanced.

The designer duos have been participating in Lakmé India Fashion Week. In their own, quite way, Sunita & Lalit have successfully spread their work to: KOLKATA - HUNAR, MUMBAI - ENSEMBLE: Lions gate & cross roads, NEW DELHI - ENSEMBLE, BANGALORE - FFOLIO

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