Each day should mark the birth of a new idea, a new design and a new statement. This is the philosophy that has inspired Manju and Bobby Grover to create many memorable creations over the past twelve years. There’s is a tryst with simplicity with embroidery emerging as a fine detail, a texture or a highlight. They represented India at the World Young Designers awards held in Istanbul in May 1996. Their collections have shown in the Jgedo fashion fair at Dusseldorf, Germany. They have also shown at the Louvre in Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and the metros of India. Their work has been featured in Collezioni Donna, the French Elle and other publications across the globe. Like all true artists, Manju and Bobby Grover too innovate within the canvas, their forte being evening wear. They specialize in wedding trousseaus, cocktail and party wear which is contemporary, elegant, sensual and a symphony of the west merging with the east. Available at these fine stores in India – Ensemble, Vama, Ogaan, Anjuman, Be: , Kali, Zenon, Also & The M & BG Salon.

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