Muzaffar Ali, essentially a painter, filmmaker and designer is deeply inspired by Sufism and has developed a discerning eye and vision for aesthetics and humanity. He has established an in depth admiration for his creativity all over the world and follows his creative pmsuits without compromise - music, fashion, craft and design.

Based on the inspiration and message of his first film Gaman migration from rural to urban centres, Muzaffar Ali along with his architect wife Meera, began a movement Dwar Pe Rozi to provide employment at doorstep through craft with a special emphasis on embroidery and styling. DPR as a registered society also runs a charitable school in Kotwara for the children of that area with an emphasis on rural employment.

Furthermore, his interest in craft and clothes, evident from the way he used them in his films Umrao Jasn, Anjuman and Zooni, motivated Muzaffar and Meera to set up their fashion label in 1990. The collection is known all over the country and the world as Kotwara which evokes a bygone era known for its finesse in style and craftsmanship using traditional hand embroideries on modern silhouettes. Acceptance of his work in a contemporary setting gives him strength to perpetuate this movement.

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