Taika, estd. 1991 by designer Poonam Bhagat, means "magic" in Finnish.

It has been our constant endeavor, since then, to live up to our name.

Stringent quality control and emphasis on colors and styling have helped us create a "niche" market for ourselves over the years and we have been fortunate enough to sustain it, and grow from strength to strength.

The look is that of understated elegance. Indian as well as Indo-Western ensembles that do not cry out loud but, softly and surely make their statement, by enhancing the individuality of the wearer instead of drowning it.

Fabrics used are natural and hand-woven. India is a veritable treasure trove of textiles, so why not dip in and pullout the best? Tawny tussars, shimmering brocades, khadi Silks, Crisp cottons, gossamer Chanderis, Diaphonous organzas, drapey crepe de chines and georgettes are used to create outfits that are, not only dictated by the fashion trends, but are also in consonance with the forms they adorn.

Embroideries are, either minimal or, discreet. Machine and hand embroideries are often combined to produce an old antique look. We also do our own printing and use blocks that are exclusively designed by us. Garments are often hand painted or dyed using the "Shiboori" technique of stitching the pattern onto the fabric, dyeing it and then unraveling the thread. Stitching details and surface textures like tucking, pleating, hemming, anchor thread stitching, dori lines etc are liberally used to give the fabric a relief that is uncommon.

Colors are vibrant but not jarring. The palette changes from season to season Mints, leaf greens, limes, lemons, peaches, watermelons, cucumbers and such, dominate spring fading into whites and ivories, over summer, and then bouncing back to brighter hues of the same delectable tones... and then as the leaves turn russet and the wind nips at your ears, we transform into deep rich tones of burgundy, indigo, emerald, claret red, midnight blue and passionate plum and purple.

Taika sells from its own outlet in Delhi and from more than a dozen up-market boutiques in India. Such as Kali and Zenon in Kolkatta, Evoluzione and 7W in Chennai, Ffolio in Bangalore, Elahe and Oorja and Origins in Hyderabad.

It also has a presence in the U.K. Apart from this; exhibitions in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong and Zambia have been very successful. lt is currently exporting Silk Jackets to Italy and fusion wear to Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

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