Among the original proponents of Indian ‘NOUVELLE COUTURE’ PRIA KATARIA stands in sharp contrast to her contempories in the domestic fashion industry. She has won the ‘BHARAT YUVA RATNA’ award along with ‘BHARAT VIKAS’ award for designing women’s wear. In a few years, this young designer has achieved great recognition for her work , not only in India, but in the U.S and Europe as well.

Pria is totally committed in creating ‘Occidental Couture’ which is Amalgamation of oriental and western ideas to add the inner beauty and mystique of the female form. Her contemporary Indian designs are modern in its form and Indian in its mode of expression, with colors and embroideries playing a special significance as her distinctive area of specialization. Her role as a fashion designer are more than just making outfits. She feels a moral obligation of keeping India’s ancient heritage of fine craftsmanship alive for prosperity.

She shifted back to Mumbai earlier this year (2003) and has since participated in the Roopam Rack and Ramp Fashion show, bringing in a fresh wave of air, once again proving that her classic designs are much sought after. The collections were a celebration of beauty, style, femininity, individuality and sensuousness. The collection reflected the grand bygone era by dressing up for the evening full of romance and anticipation.

She opened a boutique in Bandra on April, 9, 2003, where people can meet her by appointment and she will design after consultation. Her launch concept was very unusual. Extending her creativity to the event, she organized a treasure hunt for people to find the store and giving out exciting prizes.

The boutique is an extension of her creativity, both in fashion and interiors and is a reflection of her personality.

Design Concepts:
My label represents multi cultural multifaceted lifestyle of women today, who use my style as tools to enhance and express their beauty and personality. The urban mobile professional woman of today requires a multi faceted wardrobe in which she can follow her career, be a mother and a socialite leading a full life from morning to evening without fussing over her wardrobe. Capturing the contemporary need for versatility. I create clothes that have a perpetually evolving, yet timeless appeal. No complicated shapes, no frills or a lot of fuss, simply elegant yet luxurious clothing is what I believe in. Elegance does not mean being noticed, it means being remembered.

I am equally comfortable with indian and western clothes, and in fact love to work best with indo- western garments, thereby blending the best of both the worlds.

I create elegant sensuous classic timeless clothes that reflect a ‘feeling’ of the times. Simple cuts, luxurious feminine fluid fabrics, rustics to smattering bright colour pallet and intricate and exquisite hand embroidery is her signature. I specialize in embroidery as I feel Indian embroidery is very rich.

Fashion shouldn’t exist to make people dream, it should help them to live.

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