Puneet Nanda, the designer imbibed his creativity and design capability from his father, the famous artist, Satya Paul. Commencing from the year 1982 to the year 2001. Puneet moved from a gamut of design activities spanning photography, graphic design, textiles to finished garments and choreography of International Fashion shows for world famous designers.

During his years in the design world in the Silicon Valley and in proximity to the Parisian designers, Puneet decided to explore the vast potential of digital design. He returned to India in 2001, enriched with experience, ready to re-launch the popular, chic and up-market Satya Paul brand with partners Jyoti Narula and Sanjay Kapoor. The Satya Paul Design Philosophy Appear as you are, Be as you appear… is the vision that drives the Satya Paul design team under the aegis of Puneet Nanda, Director Design. The Satya Paul team creates options for the intelligent, beautiful and sensitive individual of today. Designing garments with a global appeal in an ever changing and multifaceted color palette, Puneet Nanda comments, “The Satya Paul collection is an expression of joy and celebration for the woman who is feminine, inspiring intelligent and free spirited and clearly one who can make her own choices”.

Emphasising the Satya Paul legend, the inspired collection of saris, suits, suit fabrics, shirts and blouses bears the unmistakable stamp of the Satya Paul Design Studio in its strong graphics juxtaposed with delicately etched designs, unusual color palette and vivid contrasts. “My inspirations are from life, from the whole of this beautiful world… from thorough historical research, from elements of movement and dynamism from the trees, birds, rain, music, paintings, sculpture, existence itself… ... I seek a new sophistication, a harmony, a refinement in the art of living. To encourage higher standards of art in particular… to bring in fresh attitudes, new life, awareness, positivity, humour and elegance for life’s every mood. “Clothing for the individual, intelligent, beautiful, sensitive and desiring woman of today” - Satya Paul

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