A 1990 graduate of fashion design at the NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi) began my career with the vanguard of Indian fashion Rohit Khosla, for the next eight years I worked in areas of theatre design, advertising, all the while exploring new experiences and traveling extensively around the world absorbing.

I returned to mainstream fashion in 1999 with the launch of my label SANSKAR, My partly maharashtrian and part Tibetan/Sikkimese origins may be considered instrumental in creating my signature style, which sensitively fuses eastern traditions with western aesthetics. (Keeping this in mind I have participated in many events both nationally (the latest being The Lakmé India Fashion Week 2003) and Internationally (The Singapore Fashion Festival 2002, The Singapore Fashion Week 2002).

Design Philosophy - Sanskar:
Started my own studio in 1999. Reincarnation is a theme deeply connected to Sanskar. Having always wanted to connect to the past I have been partial to recycling as a concept Designing with this in mind I strive to integrate fabrics using old textiles mainly saris thus absorbing tradition and interpreting it in styles that are contemporary.

Expanding on this concept I also strive to incorporate traditional eastern thought and philosophy through inspired silhouettes like the bakhu and honjus re-invented into chic and contemporary versions with stripes providing relief.

Fabric used is mainly silks and its various textures. “Burrey” - a textile akin to raw-silk (hand woven and in the ancient world made by master weavers) is dominant in this line. An interplay of colors like deep burgundy, orchid pink, thai purple, red and shades of blue are all contrasted with blacks to create an Eastern Feel.

Surface ornamentation through silk-stitched stripes, floral extensions and machine embroidery and intricate hand embroidery like zardozi with coins and resham also play an important role.

Thus my line reflects an intermingling of indo-oriental silhouettes that result in simple silhouettes having global appeal.

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