Art is boundless. It sifts through the sands of time conjuring an aesthetic equilibrium around which life reverberates. It is the very being of existence influencing every nuance of living, and fashion is but one aspect of that … 'ANANT' the label promoted by designers Shobhna & Vijay Arora is synonymous with 'perennial' in sanskrit and in sync with their philosophy: to style ensembles that are evergreen, aesthetic, esoteric & timeless. Embroidery and embellishments are the forte of the ‘Anant’ label. The silhouettes are clean, streamlined and the focus is intricate hand embroidery that make the style statements: The look is always sophisticated: either understated or strong & making an impact in a controlled way.

Vijay Arora did his MBA from Cornell University, USA. He never made a concerted effort to become a designer - it was all destiny. One thing led to another and he got involved. His first collection was in 1993, which was a range of men's kurtas and churidars. By 1994 end the transition was made as women loved the men's kurtas and wanted them to be made feminine. ACHIEVEMENTS Aug 1993 - Launch of their label ‘ANANT’ Oct 1995 - Jaamevar, Architecture of Florence - Fall / Winter Show at Hyatt Regency, Delhi. Oct 1996 - Benaras, Pakeezah, Wrought Iron, Crochet - Fall / Winter Show at Maurya - Sheraton, Delhi. Oct 1997 - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space and a trousseau collection - Fall / Winter Show at Maurya Sheraton, Delhi. Oct 1998 - Birds and their flight to freedom, Gara Saris, Paithani, Peacock from Benaras and Mughal Inspiration - Fall Winter Show at Park royal, Delhi. Dec 1999 -European history of Art : Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism and Art Nouveau and a millennium collection - Solo Show at Crafts Museum, Delhi. May 2000 - Flirtatious romance, Solo Show at Hyatt Regency, Delhi. Aug 2000 - Participated in Lakme India Fashion Week. Aug 2001 - Participated in Lakme India Fashion Week. Mar 2002 - Spring / Summer 2002, Solo Show at French Embassy, Delhi. Mar 2002 - Times of India Show at Railway Museum, Delhi Aug 2002 - Participated in Lakme India Fashion Week - Solo Show. Mar 2003 - Spring / Summer 2003, Solo Show at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.

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