A Small Shop was started in 1999, by Anshu Arora Sen (A graduate in Fashion Technology, NIFT) as a designer garment label. About the clothes The clothes are about lots of color, carefully balanced, simple, yet interesting shapes and traditional hand crafted details reworked in the contemporary context. The styling is largely casual and easy to wear. The look is not about an age group but about a mind set, willing to have some fun with clothes. Accessories A Small Shop also produces a small range of soft bags and belts and shoes. Retail Ogaan, Camelot, Ensemble, Cinnamon, Selfridges Moving beyond prêt and simplicity, A Small Shop attempts to explore and reinvent the intense fullness of rainforests With its own set of tools… these garments and accessories celebrate… with bits of silk , silk linen, taffeta, sequence, beads…a scene of the delicately balanced eco system in texture trim and also silhouette.

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