Born in the year 1970. I completed Fashion Design Diploma at SNDT in the year 1989 and began work as a designer at ‘The Design Studio’ a boutique in Mumbai. After having worked for a couple of years, I took up a three year diploma course in Textile Design at the Sophia Polytech, Mumbai, where I did a specialization in Weaving. In the year 1994, I joined the Design team at Shoppers Stop and worked on corporate and casual wear for women for the length of 2 years. In the year 1996, I launched my signature label at stores such as Ffolio in Bangalore, followed by Melange and Ensemble in Mumbai. The Label was predominantly womens wear in the first couple years, until I launched my menswear line in the year 1998. In 1999 I took a sabbatical to study Corsetry and jacket making at the London College of Fashion Studies, London, and eventually also worked as a design apprentice to Sylvia Fltecher, a milliner. On my return to India in the year 2000, I began expanding my label to various other design stores, and also took up the position of consulting head of Design at Shoppers Stop. Participated in the 2001 Life held in Mumbai, and began selling out of Be: A Raymond initiative. Post Life 2002 [New Delhi] I began retailing out of Pantaloon, where I launched a low priced prĂȘt label called PR. Today the label sells out of atleast 15 stores in India and abroad. My work revolves around the basic principles of ‘Minimalism’ and ‘Wearability’. I like to used great fabrics and cut them into luxury casuals or lounge wear. Having studied weaving, I like to create textures within the fabric with the use of unusual yarns or surface treatment. Embellishment is usually to a minimum. The silhouettes are very important. They must flatter the body but at the same time offer comfort. I generally use natural fabrics, that breathe and allow for ageing well. Contemporary international trends reflect in most collections, though the underlying design sensibilities are maintained. My label is best know for its free wheeling spirit and a style that is distinctly suited to the Urban Bohemian.

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