After studying professionally at London Centre for Fashion Studies, Rebecca secured a job as a designer/ illustrator at the Design Portfolio Ltd, Oxford Street. She worked for designers Zandra Rhodes and Eugene Finiscki at London in 1996. She also worked with Samantha Shaw and gained experience with pattern cutting and garment construction.

Returning back to India she did short courses at N.I. D. on Textile and screen printing and Indian traditional Pattern Cutting at N. I. F. T (Gandhinagar). Also learnt artistic illustrations , Ornamentation and Textile designing .

She secured the “Designer of the Year Award” for the year 1998-99 at Ahmedabad.

She specializes in illustrations, well structured garments and surface ornamentation. She believes that to-day’s women prefer to wear garments that fit well with comfort and style. She retails structured garments and Jackets made from Indian hand woven fabrics and supplies them in India and abroad. Her styling mainly being Indo-western for India with more of western trends for her clientele abroad. 

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