Born and brought up in Mumbai, Vidhi Singhania moved to Kotah, Rajasthan in 1994 and that was the beginning of her foray into textiles and fashion. She worked closely with weavers in Kotah and helped revive the humble Kotah sari into a contemporary fashion statement. Her love for handlooms and traditional textiles translated into further research and constant experimentation in this area.

Vidhi sees herself as first a revivalist of Indian handlooms and then a designer. She also promotes Indian craft techniques like leheriya, block and bagh printing, batik and zardozi to enhance her lines. Classic, subtle, elegant, silhouettes, prêt fusion emphasizing the weave. Indian hand-woven textiles form the backbone of her work.

Retail Outlets Be: All Stores Mélange in Mumbai, Also in Hyderabad, Intrigue in Calcutta, Elan in Ahemdabad, Vidhi's Studio in Delhi.

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