Aish Outt Productions proudly presents Comic On Nights Open Mic Contest on Sunday 29th April at Dustys Dubai, DIFC. Doors open 6:30 pm and show starts 7:00 pm.

15+ local comics try out their comedic routine without worrying about winning. It is still a contest though. At the end of their set, comedians enter our 1 minute "joke off" round. Each participant will draw out a chit with a random (single word) topic & has to go on an impromptu rant on the given subject. 

Winnings: All participants get free tickets for Shakespeare Comedy Theatre Festival. Whoevers rant is the funniest WINS an exclusive Meet & Greet with the stars of the Theatre Festival backstage + VVIP Couple Tickets! 

First Timers Welcome to do a 3 minute set. 
Regular Comics can do a 5 minute set. 
+1 Minute Joke Off Round.
All sets will be timed. Any comic exceeding their allotted slot will lose their chance to do the 1 minute joke off round.
Open to all nationalities.
Performances in English Language Only.
1 Winner + 1 Runner-Up will be chosen by the judges purely on merit.
Each participant needs to get minimum 2 guests to the show to be eligible to get the complimentary tickets.
Free Entry. No prior reservations needed.
Age Limit 21+.

When: 29 April 2018

Venue: Dustys Dubai